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The new dimension Arocs offers the latest in European design and engineering from Mercedes-Benz.  With the Arocs we are able to offer you a vehicle incorporating the rich fund of experience and expertise acquired over more than 100 years of German engineering.  Equipped with leading Mercedes-Benz vehicle technology and components tested under the toughest conditions.

The Arocs is not limited to but designed for operations with a primary emphasis on unpaved roads and off-road use.

Arocs Model Range:

Model Range:
  • Arocs 1835 4x4
  • Arocs 6x4 - various models available
  • Arocs 8x4 - various models available

  • 12 Speed Powershift Transmission
  • High Performance Engine Brake
  • Euro VI engines, 7.7lt, 10.7lt, 12.8lt & 15.6lt options
  • 350hp - 630hp variants


  • Large approach angle with good ground clearance
  • 90-degree door opening
  • Graduated, lit step entry
  • Daily checks on start-up dashboard

  • Disc brakes all-round
  • Electronic Brake System (EBS) with Anti-Lock Braking (ABS) and
  • Acceleration Skid Control (ASR) as standard.

Designed for the job:
  • Straight beam front axels
  • 13t rear Hub Reduction axles (Hypoid available with the 510hp variant)
  • 4 bag per axle rear air suspension (where applicable)


  • Medium (M) 2.3m wide cab, L cab Classic space 2.3m wide sleeper cab and L-Stream Space 2.5m wide sleeper cab with flat floor.
  • 4x4 wheelbase: 3,600mm & 3,900mm
  • 6x4 wheelbase: 3,600mm & 3,900mm
  • 8x4 wheelbase: 5,140mm & 5,450mm

Mercedes-Benz Truck Specialists:

Damon Smith, Auckland North, 021 623 219, damon.smith@trucksandtrailers.co.nz
John O'Sullivan, Lower North Island, 021 970 930, john.osullivan@truckandtrailers.co.nz


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