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Mercedes-Benz Actros Distribution

The Mercedes-Benz Actros Distribution range impresses not only with a comfortable driver workplace, but also with precisely coordinated, job matched vehicle configurations, impressive fuel savings compared with its predecessor, efficient technology, safety features, and attractive service offers.

Actros Distribution Model Range

There are ten models in the Actros Distribution Range:

  • 6x4 Rigid
  • 299hp-460hp
  • 5500-6100 wheelbase
  • M-Cab ClassicSpace
  • L-Cab ClassicSpace


Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA 4) is a standard safety feature in the Actros Distribution trucks.  ABA 4 is an automatic emergency breaking system that improves road traffic safety through potential reduction of collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians, avoiding altogether, or significantly reducing the severity of an accident.

Attention Assist
is a system that monitors the attention paid by the driver on various parameters.  It is based on the Lane Keeping Assist system.  Driver attention is measured on the basis of the driver staying in the lane in combination with various other driver activities such as direction indicator, accelerator, engine braking, retarder operation, and steering behavior.

Lane Keeping Assist is an image-processing safety system from Mercedes-Benz.  A digital camera behind the windscreen detects the vehicle position in relation to the left-hand and right-hand lane markings (guide lines).  Lane Keeping Assist therefore helps the driver to stay in lane and warns him/her in good time if the system detects that the vehicle has crossed the lane marking.  

Proximity Control Assist helps the driver to maintain the desired speed when the road ahead is clear.  If the vehicle approaches a detected vehicle in front, the cruise control automatically restricts speed and maintains the preset distance.  If vehicles appear in front suddenly, Proximity Control Assist can intervene with predefined decelerations.  With the stop-and-go function, Proximity Control Assist automatically controls starting and stopping in traffic queues. Electronic brake system with anti-lock braking system (ABS) and acceleration skid control (ASR) is part of the standard equipment for all vehicles (all wheel drive only with ABS).  It controls the complex braking and traction functions of the entire vehicle combination.

Stability Control Assist helps to maintain the driving stability of the vehicle combination in critical driving situations.  The assist function can be activated and deactivated as required and utalises the components of the brake system, which is supplemented by additional sensors and comprehensive, specially developed software.  In critical driving situations, the vehicle is stabilised by the following:

  • Reduction in engine power.
  • Targeted braking of individual wheels on the towing vehicle.
  • Targeted operation of the semitrailer/trailer brake system, if this system is prepared for this.

Other safety systems available in the Actros Distribution truck include:
Uptime Monitoring/Telematics, Speed/Cruise Control, High Performance Engine Brake, Tyre Pressure Monitoring, Hill Hold Assist, Reverse Warning System with hazard lights, Crawler Function, Axle Load Measuring Device (available on air sprung suspension only), Rain/Light Sensors, Smoke Detectors, Airbags, Sun Blinds, Headlamps – LED day run lamps, Bi Xenon Headlamps, Seat Belt Monitoring, and Heated mirrors.

Economical & Low emissions

Leading engine technology. Grand savings of up to 7%* compared with their already economical Euro V-compliant predecessors. These are the impressive figures of the new 6-cylinder in-line engines, which are available in two displacement categories, 7.7L and 10.7L, ranging from 240 kW to 335 kW. The lower consumption and improved power development of the engines can be attributed to their highly efficient combustion strategy, supported by the X-Pulse common-rail high-pressure fuel injection system, which injects fuel into each cylinder at pressures of up to 2100 bar. Significantly lower CO2 emissions* and reduced particle and nitrogen oxide emissions are further advantages. Further savings are achieved with cooled exhaust gas recirculation: in the Euro VI engines, it ensures that approximately 40% less AdBlue® is used compared with the Euro V engines in the predecessor version.

In addition higher servicing intervals, 70,000km for major service and 35,000km for inspection and oil servicing, there will be less time off the road.

The Actros Distribution also offers affordable servicing plans and a warranty of 3 years or 250,000km.


The Actros Distribution truck has class leading interior cab design thanks to its impressive floor-to-ceiling height between the seats of 1.97m and generous stowage capacity, which doesn't prevent the cab from offering ample freedom of movement.

Improved ergonomics with practical solutions was the requirement for the new workstation – and what sounds so simple and feels so good on the road is the result of a whole series of ergonomic, perfectly coordinated components. These include the new cockpit, the new seats and the new multi-function steering wheel, for instance. Everything is intuitive and precisely attuned.

A key component of the pleasing ambiance in the new Actros is the clear separation between workstation and living space, alongside the comfortable interior design with its friendly colour concept, crisp design and high-end, beautifully crafted and easy-to-clean materials.

Countless practical details and optional interior concepts enhance the feeling of well-being and give the new dimension in cab comfort a completely personal, individualised character.

* The fuel consumption savings have been achieved in a fuel consumption trial undertaken by vehicle inspection company DEKRA in Germany. Real world fuel consumption may differ and is influenced by many additional factors such as individual driving style, load, traffic, vehicle condition and model/specification. Compared to predecessor models.

For more information and specifications view the Mercedes-Benz Actros Distribution Truck brochure:

Mercedes-Benz Truck Specialists:

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