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Freightliner Coronado

Purpose Built

Freight liners Coronado 114 6x4 and 8x4 is built for many applications. Every aspect of this truck has been considered, designed and built to ensure it excels in its specific role.

With a short bumper to back-of-cab, set-forward front axle, low tare and big bore engine, this truck is all about maximising payloads - and your income - in a range of configurations:

  • Truck and Trailer
  • Tanker
  • B-Train
  • Single Trailer

What ever work it does, it will always look great with its chrome grille, twin side-mounted exhausts and dual air horns.

Engineered for the NZ market and tested exhaustively to ensure it can handle our conditions, the Freighliner Coronado 114 is the truck so many NZ operators have been waiting for.
Detroit's DD15 Power.

The Freightliner Coronado 114 boasts an engine you can trust for the long-term. The powerful, and proven, big bore Detroit Diesel DD15. Availible from 475-560hp, with no engine hardware change required, the DD15 can deliver up to 8,1850 lb-ft of torque whenever you need it.

Of course, a crucial factor with any engine is its warrantee. The DD15 is backed all the way with a market-leading 5-year/1,000,000km/15,000 hours/500,000 litre fuel burn warranty, which ever comes first. This is a powerful engine in a very tough truck.
More Options. More Income.

Small things can make a big difference. Able to be related to 131,000kg Gross Combined Mass (GCM), the Coronado 114's measurements mean it can haul heavier loads while delivering more income to your business.

With a bumper to back-of-cab measurement of just 114" (2,901mm) and a set-forward front axle that is a mere 29" (756mm) behind the bumper, the Coronado 114 has been specially configured to maximise the weight it can legally carry, especially on 23 metre applications such as B-Train.

Tare Weight Champion.

The other number to consider is the 114's low tare, which allows loads and income to get even bigger. Weighing in from 7,961kg, Freightliners Coronado 114 is lighter than many of its major competitors - and that adds up quickly when you are paid by the load.
Quiet Comfort.

This is where Freightliner draws the line - between outside and inside. The Coronado 114 easily works in the dust and dirt, the rain and mud, the heat and the flies. But that doesn't mean you have to.

Double door seals, noise abatement material and thermal insulation isolate the driver from the harsh world outside. While 'pillow block' front cab mounts dampen down the lumps and bumps of the road - no matter how rough it is.

Not only are the cabins wider than most, there is also plenty of headroom thanks to the flat floor throughout.
Made of lightweight but high-strength aluminium, the Coronado 114 cabins not only deliver a low tare they also increase driver safety, exceeding Europe's stringent crashworthiness standards (ECE-R29).
    With air-condition and heating systems, Xtreme integrated seat, a fully adjustable chrome and leather steering wheel, and ergonomically designed injection-moulded two-tone dashboard, wood grain features and interior trims in either studded vinyl or cloth, the Coronado has the kind of cabins you don't want to leave.

    From the moment you enter, these cabins feel like a home away from home and provide exceptional driver comfort whichever one of the three options you chose:


      Features & Benefits:

      • Choice of transmission with either the Eaton manual or automated transmission with Freightliner’s SmartShift™ paddle mounted on the steering column
      • Enhanced fuel economy
      • A curved windscreen sloped at 24 degrees to greatly reduce wind resistance.
      • The bonnet guards, headlights, mirrors, air intakes, angled front bumper and even the bonnet handle are also designed to cut drag and may lower fuel costs
      • Spacious, driver-friendly cabin – the lightweight aluminium cab exceeds the stringent European crashworthiness standard (ECE-R29)
      • Easy driving – Xtreme air cushioned seats, ergonomically designed dash and option Eaton UltraShift transmissions with SmartShift™ paddles
      • A smooth, stable ride with a great ‘feel’ for the road – the front cab mounts use a ‘pillow block’ design to effectively isolate vibration and shock from the road, while the rear mounts feature air springs mounted outside the frame rails
      • Easy maintenance – the bonnet tilts almost 90 degrees to make daily checks of coolant, power steering fluid and windshield washer fluid levels easier. There’s no strain either, with the Coronado’s bonnet tilt mechanism reducing the lift effort to a mere 20 kg
      • Easy change of headlights – a single high-tech reflector provides excellent front and side illumination, and minimal effort is needed to change bulbs
      • The windshield has been designed in two pieces, to make replacement easier and cheaper
      • The electrical wires are numbered and colour-coded for easy maintenance
      • Massive 1,900 square inch engine-mounted radiator – large enough to handle the hottest conditions with reserve capacity

      Freightliner Truck Specialists:

      Adam Corbett, Auckland North, 021 771 335, adam.corbett@trucksandtrailers.co.nz
      Callan Short, Central North Island, 021 403 959, callan.short@trucksandtrailers.co.nz
      Barry Brown, Lower North Island, 021 366 489, barry.brown@trucksandtrailers.co.nz


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