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Freightliner Columbia CL112

The Perfect Tool of the Trade.

Freightliner’s Columbia CL112 is a brilliant ‘tool of trade’ – tough, reliable, and ready to work every day.

Designed to shine either on the construction site or as a short haul freighter, the CL112 will maximise your revenue by combining;
• Incredibly light tare weight
• Ideal axle positioning
• Top-to-bottom reliability
• Pleasurable driving environment

As well, the CL112 can be fine- tuned to perfectly fit whatever job you’ve got, being available in 6x4, 8x4 configurations for construction work, and 6x4 for distribution roles.

Powered by the latest generation Cummins ISLe5,the Freightliner CL112 can be rated to 40,000 kg Gross Combination Mass. Flexible enough for virtually any short-haul or ‘trade’ application - powerful enough for virtually any load.

Comfortable and Safe.

Freightliner’s CL112 provides drivers with a modern, comfortable and safe place to spend their time. Two large and evenly spaced steps, convenient grab handles and a wide door opening provides confident access into the roomy cabin. A warning alarm will sound if the door is ever opened without the park brake being engaged.

The giant two piece curved windscreen and low-set dash mean visibility is excellent from the driver’s fully-adjustable xtreme air-suspended seat. The steering column can also be adjusted for tilt and distance to ensure the perfect fit.

The durable and attractive two-tone dash is ergonomically- designed to keep all the controls in easy reach, including the CL112’s generous air-conditioning system which is among the largest available.

Of course, the Columbia’s cabins boast plenty of insulation to protect drivers and passengers from external heat and noise.  Lockable over-head cabinets, large door pockets and a multi-task console between the seats provide more than enough storage. A handy tool box sits beneath the passenger seat.

Making More Money.

Whether you’re shifting concrete or shipping containers, the more you cart the more you make.  At Freightliner, our designers are obsessed with keeping our trucks light and that’s never been more evident than with the CL112.  Its incredibly low tare weight is possible thanks to a strong, safe and super-light aluminium cab.

Furthermore, the Columbia’s set back front axle allows for ideal weight distribution. With the axle closer to the payload maximum weight capacity is achieved.

Add those two vital factors together and it means more revenue per load which is exactly what you want.

Getting Around.

A generous wheel cut delivers an exceptionally tight turning circle, and excellent forward visibility is achieved thanks to the Columbia’s sharp, 16 degree bonnet angle. Being able to see what’s right in front of you not only prevents accidents, it gives drivers much greater peace-of-mind.

The CL112’s large, remotely- controlled mirrors provide excellent rearward visibility. They can also be folded out of harm’s way, so you can get into and out of tighter spaces as well as save on repair costs.

Staying on the Job.

If you’re wasting time, you’re wasting money.

That’s why the Columbia CL112 has been designed for quick and simple maintenance.  Aided by a spring-loaded tilt mechanism, the Easy Tilt bonnet swings forward 90 degrees to give fast access to the engine bay for daily checks.

All fluid levels are easily confirmed thanks to transparent reservoirs, and because the caps stay on there’s no risk of these fluids becoming contaminated when checking fluid levels.

With the bonnet up, the CL112’s high-performance headlights can also be easily accessed with no tools required to replace a bulb.

Freightliner Truck Specialists:

Adam Corbett, Auckland North, 021 771 335, adam.corbett@trucksandtrailers.co.nz
Callan Short, Central North Island, 021 403 959, callan.short@trucksandtrailers.co.nz
Barry Brown, Lower North Island, 021 366 489, barry.brown@trucksandtrailers.co.nz


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