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The fuel consumption of the Actros has been steadily reduced over the past decades. In typical long-distance transport operations, for example, savings of up to 15 percent have been achieved between 2011 and the introduction of the new Actros from 2019. The new Actros i...
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Cameras on the roof frame and displays at the A-pillars: the new Actros is easy to recognise at first glance due to the missing rearview and wide-angle mirrors. The advantages of the new system are obvious – lower consumption due to improved aerodynamics and increased traf...
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Stuttgart – Since the summer, an increasing number of trucks sporting the Mercedes star have been seen on the roads without the typical large exterior mirrors. Instead, small streamlined camera arms are mounted on the roof frame. What's behind this? Since June 2019, Merced...
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Specialist commercial vehicle journalists from 24 European countries voted for the Mercedes-Benz Actros to be crowned Truck of the Year for the fifth time. The truck's success story started back in 1997 when the first Actros was released and the subsequent vehicle generation...
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The New Mercedes-Benz Zetros

November 11, 2019
The new-generation Mercedes-Benz Zetros recently made its world premiere. The robust off-road specialist is made for transport goods in tough and inaccessible terrain. The highly capable 40-tonne off-roader has been designed specifically for operations in markets with a high...
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Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its advanced new Actros model featuring cameras instead of mirrors.The vehicle was shown to local public for the first time at the Brisbane Truck Show and is expected to hit Australian and New Zealand roads by 2020. The company has begun it’s val...
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