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Trucks & Trailers Level 3 COVID-19 Plan

First and foremost the wellbeing of our staff, customers and suppliers is at the heart of our business, and during this challenging time we remain focussed on doing our very best to minimise the impact for all. 

We continue to closely monitor and follow the guidance of the NZ Government and Ministry of Health to ensure we take the necessary steps to minimise the spread of Covid-19 and would like to pass on our thanks to those that have continued to support us through this period.

Trucks & Trailers Ltd Business Resilience and Continuity

Our COVID-19 Crisis Management Team (CMT) has reviewed new information distributed by Government and industry bodies and have developed the below response to the evolving situation. 

Trucks and Trailers Operations

  • As an essential services business under the Transport and Logistics area as defined by the Government, we have no planned shutdown periods or closures for the remainder of the lock down period.
  • As a key principal of Alert Level 3, we will be engaging in an appropriate level of contact tracing to meet the required standard. Please note we will not distribute any personal or business related information to 3rd parties without your permission.
  • As per the ongoing recommendations for social distancing, customers or contractors will still not be able to access our buildings until further notice. Thank you for your understanding this area.
  • To see the standard operating hours across all sites please click the link. https://www.trucksandtrailers.co.nz/page/contact-us/
  • Saturday work strictly by appointment only. Our Call Out facility will continue as usual. 
  • Creating a safe environment within Trucks & Trailers locations is a top priority, and we will continue our Level 4 cleaning regime, using commercial-grade cleaning products in all of our premises with increased frequency and special care to ‘public’ touch points.  
  • Our workshop operations will continue as per Level 4 including the following measures;
    • Where staffing levels allow, service and parts teams will be split into two teams and will work independently on rostered shifts. This will ensure a backup if one team is infected and requires isolation.
    • Service staff will enter vehicles with full cover overalls/clothing and gloves, masks and goggles. Skin exposure is minimised.
    • On arrival, clearly marked drop off zones will be marked out, vehicle interiors are decontaminated by wiping exterior door handles, grab handles,  steering wheels, hand controls (hand brake levers, indicators etc), gear levers, interior door handles and compartments with an antiviral disinfectant. 
    • The above process is repeated upon returning the vehicle to the customer.
    • Medical response or other high risk vehicles will be processed with additional external and internal cleaning steps before being delivered to the workshop. 
  • Temporary suspension of all external training unless provided by video link.
  • All employees have been advised not to attend any gatherings.
  • All employees have been briefed on social distancing and measures will be applied during work hours.
  • While not at work staff will follow the Level 3 guidelines issued by the Government.

Critical Services

Trucks & Trailers plays a key role in keeping critical services such as St Johns or Wellington Free Ambulance operational in a time of need.  It is our intent to ensure these services remain to the highest operational levels possible.

We understand that all our customer work is important but we ask for your patience and understanding if we need to prioritise a vehicle repair for a vehicle performing critical services.

Parts Supply

  • Our parts inventory team continue to monitor national and international developments daily and have been working hard to ensure we have the right stock at the right time.
  • We still have reasonable levels of fast moving and critical items in stock across our 8 sites. Where we do not have access to genuine parts we have multiple aftermarket channels to ensure we can keep vehicles moving.
  • NZ based parts distribution warehouses remain open and will continue to receive sea freight shipments, albeit in a reduced volume. 
  • International airfreight has been drastically affected and currently our understanding is that although parts supply channels will remain open, airfreight volumes have significantly reduced and items are freighted only when space permits.
  • Sea-freight continues to be affected, but not to the same extent as airfreight. Latest update is that lead times for FCL shipments have increased by approximately two weeks at this stage.
  • Daimler AG have advised the two week shutdown period for parts warehousing and vehicle production is over and operations will start ramping up from 20th April. Bear in mind it will take some time to clear the backlog of orders and firm dates will be communicated in the future.

Working remotely

  • All non-essential roles will continue to work from home until the alert level is reduced further.
  • Our sales team will keep up their usual excellent service levels, however this will be phone, skype and email based for the time being as we eliminate face to face contact with customers in the short term.
  • The sales team will be able to provide quotes, information or answer any of your vehicle related questions and we will continue to deliver vehicles for essential service businesses. See our website for full contact details.

What We Need From You

  • High risk vehicles. For vehicles involved in critical work with a high potential of exposure to COVID-19, (ambulance and other emergency vehicles) we require clarification of the steps taken to ensure the decontamination of a vehicle prior to delivery to any of our sites. Our service team will request this information at the time of booking or delivery and work will only commence once clarified.
  • Pre-booking work. This is essential to ensure we are able to manage the workload over the coming weeks. We understand that this is not always possible but it enables us to give you the best possible service in the shortest possible time and prioritise urgent work.
  • No waiting on-site. It is in everyone’s best interests that social distancing is managed in a responsible manner. As such our customer waiting areas will be closed until further notice. Please arrange to be picked up and dropped off at the completion of work.   
  • Where necessary visitors will be escorted by staff representatives but must remain at least two metres distance at all times.
  • Clients and potential visitors who are showing any respiratory/flu like symptoms should plan to not visit the premises and are being asked to conduct meetings by phone or video conference, rather than face-to-face.


  • A temporary travel restriction on all staff travel remains in place.
  • Any national business-critical travel to maintain our essential services is reviewed and required to meet strict guidelines before proceeding, including adherence to any Government recommendations in place at the time of travel. 


Any T&T staff member who is feeling unwell, showing any signs of the Ministry of Health published symptoms or are at high risk of exposure, will be requested to self-isolate for 14 days and contact Healthline as soon as possible.

Shannon, myself and the entire Trucks & Trailers team would like to thank you for your ongoing support, loyalty and patience during this time and wish you our very best for the continued health of your business, family and friends. As a critical support business for a number of industries T&T are always available and willing to review our operation to best assist you during these challenging times. 

If you have any questions or need further information about Trucks & Trailers response to COVID-19, please contact us on 092622465.

Mark Wright
Managing Director

DDI:      +64 09 262 7960
Mobile: +64   21 378 562
Email:   mark.wright@trucksandtrailers.co.nz


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