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What Euro 6 means to you?

Euro 6 is a standard that specifies the minimum acceptable level of harmful pollutants emitted from, both petrol and diesel, vehicle exhausts. It emerged in 2015 and has been steadily rolled out by some engine manufacturers, though knowledge of the advantages is not widespread.

Now in it’s sixth iteration since Euro 1 was established in 1993, the unique thing about Euro 6 is that it not only protects the environment but delivers superior performance, less wear on engines and more efficient fuel usage, meaning more money in your pocket.

The “green band-wagon” initiatives of the early 2000’s have now been superseded by reliably tested technologies that stand up to scrutiny. And the European Union has backed this by insisting that all newly manufactured vehicles sold in Europe must meet the Euro 6 emissions standard.


The Euro 6 standard recognises several harmful pollutants emitted by petrol and diesel engines. Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons and Nitrous Oxide are all blamed for damaging the environment. Particulate Matter, or rather the soot produced by diesel engines, has been linked with respiratory issues and other health problems.

Reduction in the emission of any of these must be considered a positive, however the additional benefits include reduced wear on engines and, importantly for you, a 7% increase in fuel efficiency over Euro 5 specified trucks.

Trucking closer to home

In New Zealand, the entire range of Mercedes-Benz trucks complies with the Euro 6 standard. Whether you’re an owner-driver or responsible for a fleet, the fuel savings alone make Euro 6 worth your consideration. Alongside the financial advantages are impressive statistics that prove choosing a Mercedes-Benz truck protects the health of our families and our environment.

Stringent testing methods were applied with vehicles randomly selected straight from the production line, preventing manufacturers from suppling non-standard or optimised models. Mercedes-Benz Euro 6 trucks are proven to produce 99% less particulate matter and 95% less nitrogen oxide than Euro 5 certified trucks.

If you’re ready to step up to a Euro 6, call Trucks & Trailers on 0800 327 777 to discuss your requirements and begin calculating more rapid payback and extra peace of mind today.

*All statistics based on comparison to Mercedes-Benz Euro 5 trucks.


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