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New Mercedes-Benz truck MirrorCam, Action

Mercedes-Benz has announced it will launch an advanced new truck in Australia next year with cameras for mirrors. 

The company also confirmed it has begun a comprehensive Australian validation program for the truck, which features a range of driver-focussed improvements including MirrorCam; a system that uses aerodynamic cameras connected to two large screens in the cabin that dramatically boost driver vision.
The new Mercedes-Benz model, which was presented to the public for the first time at today’s Brisbane Truck Show, also features a new multimedia interface system with two high-resolution tablet-style screens that can be customised for driver preference, much like displays in prestige Mercedes-Benz cars.
The new truck also features GPS-assisted Predictive Powertrain Control for increased fuel efficiency, enhanced connectivity and the latest generation of advanced safety technology that delivers further improvements.
Mercedes-Benz also presented the SoloStar Concept in Brisbane, which introduces a vast fold down bed with an 850mm wide symmetrical inner-spring mattress and lounge-style seat that takes advantage of generous legroom and a fully-flat walk-through floor. This intelligent feature, which delivers more usable space for drivers without imposing an axle weight penalty, could also be made available soon in Australia depending on feedback.
Mercedes-Benz Truck and Bus Australia Pacific Director, Michael May, says Mercedes-Benz is determined to continue its leadership in the local heavy duty truck market.
“The current Mercedes-Benz truck continues to win over new customers with its remarkable efficiency, reliability and comfort, but we will always look for ways we can further improve the experience of our partners with tried and tested innovation,” he says. “This evolution is all about making life easier for drivers, while continuing to help push down the cost of operating a transport business in Australia.”
Mr May says the new truck has been tested extensively in Europe, but Mercedes-Benz was determined to evaluate it locally.
“In the first stage of the validation program, we will put more than half a dozen evaluation units to work across Australia,” he says. “We are committed to working with our customers to determine the ideal model specification for our tough and unique conditions.”
MirrorCam can help deliver a fuel efficiency saving, thanks to the reduced drag of the small camera pods that replace the regular mirrors. The increased range of vision that can be displayed on the two screens in the cabin, and the lack of a physical mirror blocking some of the view, is also set to deliver a big improvement for drivers and deliver greater safety.
The reduced size of the camera wing, compared to a wing mirror is also likely to reduce the chance of damage. However, in the event it is damaged, Mercedes-Benz expects the cost of replacing the camera assembly will be in line with, or less than, replacing a traditional mirror assembly.
Mercedes-Benz has further improved driver operation of a range of systems with new touch control buttons added to the steering wheel, which allow drivers to change what information is displayed on the two large screens.
Visitors to the stand were also informed about the benefits of Mercedes-Benz RoadEfficiency.
“RoadEfficiency represents our commitment to deliver a complete package of services and innovations that lower the total cost of operation, save time and boost safety for our business partners in this tough operating environment,” says Mr May.
“Mercedes-Benz is able to achieve this thanks to increased connectivity, advanced safety systems, flexible finance options and maintenance programs,” he says.

Written by Truck & Driver magazine. As seen on nztruckanddriver.co.nz on May 16 2019.
Mercedes-Benz truck MirrorCam, Action https://bit.ly/2WN41Kh


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