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Freightliner Argosy and dual purpose drop - side tipper, a perfect combination for Riordan & West

There’s no ignoring Riordan & West Transports latest addition, a Freightliner Argosy with drop-sided tipper trailer built by Domett. The trailer sides fold in and are strapped to one end to create a flatbed trailer for dual-purpose use. It’s the second of these combination units to be added to Dave West’s fleet, replacing a 2009 Argosy that had covered just over one million kilometers for the company. The new Argosy’s 90-inch sleeper cab fitted with a TV makes comfortable accommodation for driver Kyle who is in the truck four nights a week. The truck and trailer combo measures 23 meters in length with a payload of 30 ton.

Dave has purchased 18 Freightliners in total. He bought his first Freightliner in November 2000 and his second in December 2004. His fleet currently comprises of 15 trucks, ten of which are Freightliner Argosy’s and one Columbia. Dave trades his trucks at an average of a million kilometers to keep his fleet current. He is a big fan of the Detroit DD15 engine, with an ultra sift automated transmission. “Freightliner trucks help us to produce a greater tare weight, they do everything we want them too, and they are a good price,” says Dave, who remembers the license plates of every truck he’s owned.

When Dave isn’t on the road driving one of his Freightliner’s he is on the track racing one. Trucking is a big part of the West DNA, and Dave can’t remember a time when he wasn’t around trucks. His dad, Keith, began a partnership with Royce Riordan in 1982, but the family business had owned several trucks on the farm before then, using them to transport their pig feed. He joined the business full-time in 1998 and now runs it, although Keith is still involved and enjoys driving.

Riordan & West specialise in bulk transport of aggregate, mainly stock feed, sand, and pumice, for the farming and horticulture industries. When they aren’t carting bulk, they move timber and posts for the building and farming industries. They spend most of their time traveling Auckland South to Taupo, the Hawkes Bay, and as far as Nelson.

“Trucks & Trailers know my needs and service all of my trucks,” says Dave. “We have a great relationship built on longevity and trust,” he says. “They’ve helped fuel my love of Freightliner and Detroit.”

Written by: Kelly Fry, Trucks & Trailers
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