Mercedes-Benz Axor


Top-class results. On the road and on the balance sheet.

The Axor was designed to increase performance and decrease consumption. It combines payload optimisation with streamlined fuel consumption.

  • Payload optimisation based on design solutions that reduce the vehicle’s unladen weight
  • Low fuel consumption thanks to the Telligent® engine management system
  • Cost-effective compliance with Euro 5 standards thanks to BlueTec® SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz
  • Perfectly coordinated powertrain for optimum power transmission: with 9 and 16-speed manual transmission
  • Low-wear gear changes with the Telligent® gearshift or the Telligent® automatic gearshift
  • Long service intervals and robust engineering
  • Low-wear, high-performance brake system
  • Short downtimes thanks to a design concept based on ease of repair
  • Reliability and durability based on exceptionally high operational performance

Weighs less and works like a heavyweight

A high payload, low fuel consumption, exemplary reliability, safety and driver-oriented comfort – which means that the Axor delivers a convincing performance in medium and long-distance operations. Both on the road and below the line.

One for all: the Axor’s applications

Robust, powerful and yet still cost-effective. That’s what makes the Axor so special. It is a master of all trades, whether it be mid-to-long-distance haulage or heavy-duty short-radius distribution. In other words, the perfect all-rounder.

BlueTec®: The response to Euro 5 regulations

You can rely on the Axor to remain cost-effective for the duration of Euro 5 and beyond – thanks to BlueTec®, the next-generation SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz.



Mercedes-Benz Axor 1833AK Jun-14 Mercedes-Benz Axor 1833AK 4×4 v3 Specifications

Mercedes-Benz Axor 2640K Jun-14 Mercedes-Benz Axor 2640K 6×4 v3 Specifications



A simple answer to the rigours of heavy-duty short-radius distribution – the Axor

The ideal solution for mid-to-long-distance haulage and heavy-duty short-radius distribution: the 18 – 26 t Axor is available as a prime mover and as a rigid truck for a full range of body solutions.

  • Broad spectrum of applications mid-to-long-haul distance haulage and heavy-duty short-radius distribution
  • Reliable, high-torque 6-cylinder in-line engines
  • Low unladen weight produces payload benefits
  • Robust chassis and bodybuilder-compatible frame with 50 mm hole pattern



Safety – guaranteed

Achieving high levels of active and passive safety, the Axor boasts crash-tested cabs, standard-fitted clear-lens headlamps and exterior mirrors with a smaller blind spot.

A host of safety features make the Axor stand out above the rest, features such as:

  • Clear-lens headlamps for optimum road illumination
  • Wind deflectors and corner panelling reduce the build-up of dirt on side windows and doors
  • Exterior mirrors feature manual heater control to prevent misting and icing over
  • Wide-angle exterior mirrors are mounted below the main mirrors to improve rear visibility
  • All cabs crash-tested (in accordance with European ECE R29 standard)
  • Non-slip steps leading up to the cab
  • Non-splintering, flame-retardant materials used inside the cab
  • Air-sprung standard driver’s suspension seat with integral 3-point seat belt fitted as standard
  • Large windscreen and deep-set side windows ensure outstanding visibility
 * for Axor developing 265 kW (360 hp) or more