Mercedes-Benz Atego


Built to lead

With low costs, legendary reliability and excellent driving comfort, the qualities of the Atego set it apart from the competition in light-duty short-radius distribution.

The fuel-efficient and reliable BlueTec® engines in the Atego are designed for particularly economical operation and are optionally available with a Euro 5 rating.

A centimetre or two can make all the difference

Economy, reliability and quality make of the Atego 12 – 23 t the ideal partner for your work.

Versatile: Atego applications

Whether in inner-city areas or on the farm, the Atego scores full marks with its good handling and versatility.

Clean and cost-effective: BlueTec®

BlueTec®, the future-proof SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz, makes the Atego an extremely economical truck to run.



Mercedes-Benz Atego 1529AK Jun-14 Mercedes-Benz Atego 1529AK 4×4 v3 Specifications (Jun-14)



In a class of its own – the Atego

The Atego’s reliability makes it ideal for any type of operation in the diverse distribution sector. Customers appreciate its optimum lifecycle costs – with low fuel consumption plus fast and flexible servicing and repairs – as well as the long product life and the vehicle’s good resale value.



First-class results. On the road and on the balance sheet

  • Low fuel consumption thanks to the Telligent® engine management system
  • Cost-effective compliance with Euro 5 standards thanks to BlueTec® SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz
  • Long service intervals and robust engineering



Meeting the highest standards

The highest quality for the highest demands: that’s what Atego stands for. In many ways:

When it comes to environmental standards, the Atego falls well below particulate emission limit values and sets the benchmark for CO2 and NOx emissions.

The Atego makes a key contribution to the driver’s workplace comfort. Highlights include seating comfort, ergonomic layout of controls, clarity of the displays with on-board check system, large stowage compartments, excellent heating system and other equipment features.

At the same time, the Atego’s high quality extends to, among other things, the engine, the ease of gearshifting and its handling characteristics, thus having a positive influence on the low lifecycle costs.