Mercedes-Benz Actros


Drivers and operators have high expectations of trucks of today. The Actros offers a range of cabs and specifications for every task and budget. Innovative technology along with the Actros interior and proven engineering provides an economical transport solution, long-distance or short-haul.

The Actros was awarded International Truck of the Year thanks to its superb specification and design. Features like Telligent Lane Assist, a larger and more comfortable bed with adjustable head section, and the innovative PowerShift 2 gearbox all add up to a truck that’s safer, more comfortable and easier to drive than ever before.

Even better: the Actros

Setting standards in national long-distance operations offering even better fuel economy, enhanced levels of comfort and unparalleled safety systems, the Actros was named the 2009 International Truck of the Year while also being placed in the 2009 Guinness World Records as the most economical truck in its class at 5.14 km/litre.

BlueTec® for Euro 5

BlueTec®, the SCR technology from Mercedes-Benz, ensures cost-effective compliance with Euro 5, lower fuel consumption, low particulate emissions, an unrivalled low level of CO2 emissions, and compliance with nitrogen dioxide (NO2) limits.

Mercedes PowerShift 2

The fact that the Actros road vehicles are fitted as standard with the further enhanced Mercedes PowerShift 2 automatic transmission demonstrates the conviction of Mercedes-Benz in the system.



Mercedes-Benz Actros 2648LS Jun-14 Mercedes-Benz Actros 2648LS 6×4 v3 Specifications

Mercedes-Benz Actros 2655LS Jun-14 Mercedes-Benz Actros 2655LS 6×4 v3 Specifications

Mercedes-Benz Actros 3248L Jun-14 Mercedes-Benz Actros 3248L 8×4 v3 Specifications


Better economy

With the new Mercedes PowerShift 2 automatic gearshift (standard specification with all on-highway vehicles), reliable and economical BlueTec® engines, and powertrain configurations perfectly aligned with individual haulage tasks, the Actros continues its economical course. Euro 5 engines and exceptionally long service intervals further enhance efficiency.

Powerful, reliable and economical – the Actros in three words.

With the new standard-specification Mercedes PowerShift 2 automatic gearshift and the reliable and economical BlueTec® engines, the Actros continues on its economical path.

  • A complete Telligent® package covering all aspects of operation in the Actros from optimal engine control to effortless gear changes
  • Cost-effective compliance with Euro 5 standards thanks to BlueTec®, the future-proof SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz
  • The enhanced Mercedes PowerShift 2 automatic gearshift for optimised shifting comfort, rapid gear changes and low fuel consumption
  • Weight-optimised, robust frame, ideal for mounting bodies
  • Sophisticated aerodynamics


More comfortable

The Actros excels with an ergonomically designed workplace and plenty of space to move around. It once again sets new benchmarks in functionality, comfort and equipment. From the optimised steering system and enhanced instrument cluster to the standard rain/light sensor and new luxury bed in the lower sleeping area. A range of practical features provide extra comfort, including a towel holder and shaving mirror.

Impressive ride comfort and a comfortable living environment

A home away from home on the road. A spacious and pleasant workplace during the day, and a comfortable evening retreat for the longer journeys. The new Actros range of cabs provide an unparalleled level of comfort, functionality and ergonomic design.

  • Four different basic cabs with an interior concept that focuses on comfort and the driver
  • Optimised instrument cluster for improved readability with ergonomically positioned controls in the cockpit
  • Multifunction steering wheel with precise pneumatic adjustment for height and reach
  • Level floor throughout Megaspace cab with up to 1.92 m headroom
  • Excellent all-round visibility thanks to large windscreen and deep-set side windows
  • Air-sprung comfort suspension seat with optional climate control and multi-level ventilation
  • Manually controlled air-conditioning system as standard
  • New luxury bed features a slatted frame with elastic support at pressure points and adjustable headboard for optimum sleeping comfort; also available for the optional upper bed which can be precisely adjusted to compensate for an uneven floor
  • Generous stowage space throughout cabin including stowage compartments under the bed^ accessible from both outside and inside the vehicle
  • The cockpit of the new Actros is also optionally available with wood or brushed steel decor
  • Towel holder and pivoting shaving mirror offers ample convenience and space for drying when on the move


Even safer

The Actros is equipped with a series of outstanding safety features as standard. A number of optional dynamic control and driver assistance systems are also available – to further reduce risks and enhance safety.

Safety – guaranteed

The Actros makes no compromise on safety. For driver, load and vehicle, safety systems are in place to safeguard every journey. Telligent® is a suite of safety technology covering everything from roll-protection to monitoring of the vehicle’s service status. The Actros features automatic headlight activation and rain-sensing wipers.

  • Optional Active Brake Assist system to help minimise the risk of collision with the vehicle ahead in critical situations
  • All cabs crash-optimised (ECE R 29)
  • Airbag with belt tensioner
  • Combined drive and braking cruise control as standard
  • Optimum active safety thanks to the standard-specification Telligent® brake system with ABS, ASR and hill holder
  • Optional additional safety systems including Telligent® stability control, Telligent® proximity control, Telligent® Lane Assistant, Telligent® roll control
  • Optional – Improved visibility with Actros bi-xenon headlamps
  • Optional – Roller sunblind available on the driver’s side which reduces glare and heat penetration on hot days (option for the co-driver’s side)
  • External sun visor above the windscreen enhances vision, safety and ride comfort
  • Reduced vibration and lower dirt build-up at the sides of the vehicle thanks to the new-design exterior mirrors