Corporate Social Responsibility

Trucks and Trailers Ltd is a forward thinking and dynamic company that seeks to be the best, most professional Sales, Parts and Service commercial vehicle dealer. We are committed to working with both our customers and suppliers to achieve results that make us both mutually successful whilst minimizing the impact on our environment.

Our People

Our people are diverse and inclusive, they are the heartbeat of the company and allow us to do the exceptional things we do. Our job is to ensure they are supported by providing them with a work environment that is positive and safe. We are also committed to helping all staff grow and develop to their full potential through dedicated training pathways updated on a regular basis.

Our Customers

We like to work collaboratively with our customers to ensure we are providing them with the most relevant products and support to meet their business needs. This means that we need to be agile and reactive to change that our customers are subject to whilst still having necessary systems and process to ensure a consistent quality service.


We like to work within our communities employing local people and giving back through supporting local rescue agencies that can provide support to those in need. We are associated with local business organisations to ensure that we make a positive impact where possible within our community.

Operating Practices

We actively manage our partnerships with clients and suppliers by working closely with them, ensuring that we are acting in a socially responsible and anti-corruptive way.   We are regularly audited by our key suppliers to ensure we meet their expectations.

As a forward thinking business we have adopted to develop a culture of continuous improvement. This involves taking all our day to day tasks, documenting clear procedures and then continually analysing them for further improvements.


We recognise the importance of operating sustainably and commit to continually identify opportunities for improving our environmental performance. To date we have done this through new technologies and processes such as solar power, LED lighting, water efficient equipment, sustainable partners, and recycling programs. We encourage all our staff to work in an environmentally sustainable manner and work closely with required parties to reduce our environmental footprint.